Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Jorge & Arielle} Preston Idaho Bridals and Wedding

Jorge and Arielle are a beautiful, funny, and fun couple! I love when couples want pictures that really explain their relationship, and that's how it goes with these two. Jorge and Arielle love bowling together, so they told me a few weeks back that they wanted their pre-shoot at the Preston, Idaho bowling alley. They said it was the perfect amount of retro but still in great shape. So we planned to do the first part of their shoot there. The day of the shoot, Arielle found out the bowling alley was closed for upkeep! We were a little bummed, but decided we would still go and do the rest of the shoot. Well, Arielle's mom was persistent and got permission from the owners of Pop n Pins to go take pictures there! With a call to the Preston City Offices, then a city board member, she was able to get a hold of the owner who was more than happy to let us in. I'm so glad too! This was easily one of my favorite wedding shoots ever! As you can tell, I couldn't pick just a few favorites ;) Can't wait to photograph the wedding on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

These are so good! I'd be so nervous that my dress would get greasy hahaha

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing an amazing job on my little brothers wedding pictures! You do amazing work:)

Dani said...

Thanks! They are a gorgeous couple, and I had a great time with them!