Meet Me!

Hi!  I'm Dani Christensen, owner and photographer of Dani Christensen Photography.  I'm also a wife to my husband whom I adore, and a mommy to the world's cutest little red headed toddler boy.  My experiences as a wife and mom have molded me to the photographer I am today.  Living in my chaotic life has taught me one of my greatest lessons as a photographer - photography isn't about making the perfect moment, it's about capturing it when it happens!

Giving Back
Every photographer has different reasons for doing what we do.  Mine is simple.  Photos mean everything to me.  I lost my dad to cancer as a teenager, and the photos I have of him are some of my most precious treasures.  I cherish what they mean to me - recreating memories in my head of happy times in my life.  Because of my strong feelings that EVERY family should have GOOD family pictures, I would like to offer complimentary sessions to families who may be struggling through a hard time in their lives.  To nominate a family, please email me.  Examples of good candidates would be military families, families with an ill family member, families who recently suffered a loss, etc.  

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