Friday, June 10, 2011

{B Family} Logan Family Portraits

Spring is finally here!  And with that comes fields!  I love field pictures, so needless to say, I love that we are finally getting good enough weather for the fields to be growing and dry.  Jolynne wanted some family pictures done before her grandkids move away, so luckily the rain held up for a day and we were able to get these done for her.  These kids were so cute with their grandma and uncles.  It's always fun to watch uncles with their little nieces and nephews since uncles, (especially the young ones without their own kids yet), seem to have the most fun with the kids!  And how precious are the pictures of the kids with their parents?!

{Tiffany & Mele} Logan Family Pictures

Mele is seriously the spunkiest, cutest little thing I've seen in a while.  She is so funny and full of personality!  I love that Tiff brought outfits for Mele that show off her family heritage, too.  Thanks, Tiff & Mele!  I really had a great time during this shoot!

{Tyson & Jessica} Rexburg, Idaho Temple Wedding

One of my favorite perks to photography is being able to photograph events for people who are close to me.  Jessica is one of those people.  Jess and I worked together at a treatment center for teens.  We became very close, and I can honestly say she is one my dearest friends.  When Jess and Tyson FINALLY got engaged and she asked me to do their pictures,  I was so excited.  I've never done pictures at the Rexburg Temple, so it was also a great opportunity to shoot somewhere new.  Despite the fact that we literally shot through about every weather scenario possible (pouring rain, bright sunshine, overcast skies, and extreme wind), I had a great time. My favorite part of the day though was being there as a friend and witnessing their sealing.  Jess and Tyson, from the bottom of my heart, I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I love you!