Sunday, March 28, 2010

{Morgan & Chantz} Farmington Family Pictures

Morgan is my sister, and her and her husband wanted some pictures done before her belly gets bigger with her baby girl!! We have been talking about doing their pictures FOREVER, so I'm happy we finally got them done! It was fun to take a picture of us two sisters together, too, since we are both pregnant. I laughed when I looked at the pic of us because I had no idea I was so huge until I saw myself in a photo!! haha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{Snelgrove Family} Logan Family Pictures

The Snelgroves are old neighbors of mine from when I lived up on campus. They are one of the kindest couples I know! A while ago, Christine sent out an email to let her friends know that Curt and she were going through the adoption process. I immediately wanted to help in any way I could because my husband and I had looked into adoption before we FINALLY got pregnant. From my own experience, I felt like I had very few things I could control in regards to starting our family, but ONE thing I could control was having good family pictures to put on an adoption profile. Obviously we never used our pictures we had taken because we found out I was expecting, but I wanted to help Curt and Christine out with having attention grabbing pictures for their profile. It was a snowy day in Logan when we did the pictures, but these two were so happy and easy going so we had a great shoot!

To learn more about the Snelgrove family and to view their adoption profile page, click HERE.