Before Your Session

Your session is booked and is almost here, so now you just need to finalize the details!  Here are some tips based on questions I get about what you can do to prepare for a memorable day.  You'll notice while reading that I use my experiences shooting my son a lot.  I think this is because I go into every shoot with the same expectations as many parents.  Most of the time, the shoot doesn't go AT ALL as I had it perfectly envisioned in my head.  And then when  I look at the pictures after, I can see the direction it went often times is better than I could have imagined.

Q:  What should we wear?!
This is definitely my most asked question, so here are my suggestions.  Wear whatever you want!  This is a time for you to wear that outfit that you always wanted to wear but never had anywhere to wear it.  I tend to "dress up" a little more when we get our pictures taken.  Put on a little extra make up and wear some more accessories.  Layering and accessorizing will make ALL the difference in a picture.  A cute scarf or extra hair accessory really pops.  And some cute suspenders on your little guy will make everyone swoon!  Try and pick palettes of colors that go well together instead of just matching with one or two colors.  People tend to blend in with really "matchy" outfits, so using lots of colors and textures will make people "pop."  Here are a few palettes just to give you some ideas.

Q:  Should we bring props?
If you have something in mind that you would really like to include in the picture, then bring it!  I really enjoy sentimental props, something that brings more than one memory to life when you look back on your pictures.  Some of my favorite pictures of my son are with my dad's baseball glove since Tim was named after him.  Maybe you have your grandmother's quilt you would like to use to sit on.  Or a basket that was in your house growing up.  Whatever it is, bring it!  It will make the pictures mean more to you.  If your children have a special stuffed animal that will help them feel more at ease, it may be a good idea to bring along as well.  Even though your ideal picture may not be of your daughter and her old bunny animal, I can almost guarantee in twenty years when you look back at the picture, you will remember how much she loved her bunny!

Q:  What if my child doesn't cooperate?
I worry about this every time I take my son out for a photo shoot.  And believe me, it happens!  My number one suggestion that I mentioned before is that you have an open mind.  Maybe your child didn't smile "cheese" for every picture, but you may just find that your favorite pictures are the ones where they have they "content" face, or their "thinking" face.  I thought my son's one year photo shoot was a total flop.  And then I found this gem and it remains my favorite picture of him to date!  However, if we really just don't get any great pictures, I'd love to take your child out again on a "happier" day!

Q:  How do newborn sessions work?

First, it is important to schedule your newborn session within the first week or two of the baby's life.  The newer they are, the better they will sleep and let us pose their body for the session.  Plan on taking at least two hours for the session.  If your baby is hungry or fussy, you can feed, change, and soothe them for as long as you need.  Try to stay calm during the shoot.  It can get long and tedious working with newborns, but getting those perfect shots are worth it.  When you are stressed, the baby is stressed!  The session takes place in my home or in a location of your choosing.  You are welcome to bring props for the shoot.  I will also provide a few basic ones.

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