Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{Megan} Logan Portraits

Megan is such a cute girl.  She wanted to give her mom something special, so she decided to get some pictures for her.  I love this idea, especially since it's hard sometimes to give parents something meaningful.  Megan was so fun to work with.  I love my little kid clients, but it's fun to work with teens and young adults sometimes, too!  It's a totally different experience.  Thanks, Megan, for a fun day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Beau & Tia} Logan Bridals and Formals

There's not a lot to say about these two except for they are a GORGEOUS couple.  Tia is one of those brides that while I'm editing, I look through pictures going "Oh my gosh, she's beautiful," and "This picture is too gorgeous."  I know that probably sounds weird, but Tia is just so pretty!!  Beau is one lucky groom to be.  Congrats to both of you, and sorry I won't be here for the wedding.  Hope it goes well!!    

Logan Family Pictures

I don't usually get a lot of families with more adults than kids, so this family was fun shoot.  The little girls are dolls, and everyone in the family was so kind!  It was great to meet you all!

{P Family} Logan Family Pictures

The little dudes in this family are so adorable and photogenic  There really wasn't a picture that they didn't look so handsome!  Thanks for working with me, Heather and Brian.  Your family is adorable! 

{H Family} Logan Family Pictures

Janalee and Jeremy just started on a fun new adventure as HOME OWNERS! So they needed some more pictures to decorate with.  And who wouldn't want more pictures when your kids look like this!

{N Family} Smithfield Family Pictures

This family is full of personality and life!  I'm so glad they brought little things that remind them of each other.  I'm not a huge fan of lots of props that are meaningless, but when it's something that means something to the family, I think it's so fun!  I love the little tutus for the girls.  And of course I LOVE the baseball stuff for the boys.

{Miss Ella} Logan Newborn Photography

Miss Ella was a peach when she came to get her pictures taken.  She was six weeks old at the time, and despite usually sleeping, she didn't want to sleep too much while taking her pictures!  It took us a while to get her happy, but then she was great!  Little bows and tutus make me want a little girl!

{R Family} Logan Family Pictures

I used to be neighbors with this cute family, so it was fun seeing them again after a few years!  Shelly was so kind to me and made me feel so good about what I've done with my business in the last few years.  It was great working with her and her whole family.  These kids were so easy to photograph.  This shoot was just an all around great experience, so thank you Shelly & Fam!!

{C Family} Logan Family Pictures

 I love these guys!  Ty & Tiff are my husband's cousin, and it's been great getting to know them.  Tiff and I both like to craft, so it's been fun swapping ideas and stories.  Can you tell Tiff is pregnant in these? NOPE!  Maybe this time it will be a girl?!!...