Friday, January 27, 2012

School Pictures of the Un-Awkward Kind

Ok, we ALL have them....AWKWARD SCHOOL PICTURES.  Let's be honest - it's hard to find anything flattering about school portraits.  It reminds me of this hilarious website  In defense of the school portrait, it's totally worth getting your child's picture taken every year as a sort of right of passage.  But if you are like my mom and want a flattering picture to hang up on the wall for everyone to see, maybe try getting a professional one done!  Here are some I did this year for my niece and nephews and my sisters.  They are super easy and quick, and make such a difference in the decor of your home hanging on your wall.  And don't forget that grandma and grandpa would love a nice one, too!  

School picture shoots can be done any time during the year, so contact me if you would like details! 

Omaha Wedding Photographer

{T Family} Omaha Family Photographer

I met Casey at a craft fair I did here in Omaha.  She wanted some pictures for her Christmas card this year, and who can blame her with this adorable baby!!  I'm really enjoying having new places to shoot in Omaha, and meeting all these great new clients.  Now on to Santa Baby!!

{H Family} Omaha Family Photographer

Jill came up to me at a church event shortly after we moved to Nebraska and asked "Where do I know you from?"  It took me a second to register it and we realized that we knew each other from our jobs back in Utah!  It hadn't been that long, but it was just the fact that neither of us expected to see each other at a church in Nebraska that caught us off guard.  So funny!  We've gotten the boys together a few times to play, and had fun doing a photo shoot, too.  I'm glad we have a "friend from home" here!

Omaha Extended Family Portraits

I had the pleasure of photographing this family on Thanksgiving Day.  It was a beautiful Nebraska fall day, and I had a great peaceful drive to this gorgeous home.  I love the idea of getting family portraits when the family is all together and dressed up!  Let's face it - in the real world, that doesn't happen often for most of us!  

{Janalee & Tyler} Logan Temple Wedding

I'm just going to start this post by saying that I NEVER have seen such a beautiful wedding day in the middle of a Utah December.  Janalee called me while I was driving through Nebraska on my way home to Utah for the holidays.  Her wedding was in a couple of weeks, and she wanted to see if I was available.  Despite the fact that I didn't pack any clothes for a wedding, I had everything else I needed with me (somewhere in the was packed pretty full!!)  I'm so excited it worked out because it was such a great day.  During our initial conversation, Janalee told me how much she was hoping for a white winter wedding.  I don't blame her - the brown grass in the winter just doesn't make the most eye popping pictures.  Unfortunately, these two didn't get their white winter wedding.  But instead, they got a beautiful spring like day!  (Warm enough that I took my baby to the park in between the wedding and reception!)  I still cannot believe how warm and perfect it was.  Luckily, we caught the blue skies since they turned grey right at the end of shooting.

I'm so happy for Tyler and Janalee.  I am also friends with Tyler's twin sisters, so I know what a kind and sweet family he comes from.  These two were so happy together, and it really was a joy working with them.  I'm so happy it all worked out.  So, CONGRATULATIONS Tyler and Janalee!