Saturday, April 30, 2011

{Allie & Emma) Whimsical Childrens Portraits

I've been having lots of fun with "props" in shoots lately.  I'm not a big props person usually, but when it's something that really shows the personality of who I'm shooting, I LOVE it!  I think these little girls are so darling in their fairy princess outfits.  Little Allie just frolicked around like she was a princess, and I love that her family and she will be able to look back at these pictures some day and remember what she was like at this age.  It's so perfect!  I also love that because she was playing, I was able to catch more "real" moments with her baby sister, Emma.  I love the pictures of the two of them together - especially when it's not very posed.  

 I love that you can read the parents' minds in this shot - A day in the life of a mom and dad to two little girls! :)

{McKell Seniors} Logan Senior Pictures

McKell is a soon to be high school graduate, and came to me for some senior photos.  I absolutely LOVE shooting seniors, and McKell was no exception.  She is a cheerleader this year, too, so we were able to get a few shots of her in her uniform.  She was so laid back, even though it was raining for us off and on the whole shoot.  Congrats on graduating, McKell, and good luck in college!

{Baby Girl Trevi} Newborn Shoot

Baby Trevi is so adorable!  I've never had a newborn so wide awake during a photo shoot, but she was just content trying to figure out what we were doing to her...for the most part!  Trevi's parents went to school with my husband and I, so it was fun catching up with her mom during the shoot.  It's crazy to think that we are all married and having kids now because I don't feel like I graduated seven years ago!  It makes me feel old!  But these precious little babies we now raise make me enjoy this time of life all the more!  Congrats, "B" family on your VERY cute new addition!  

Friday, April 15, 2011

(Baby Alexis} Logan Newborn Photography

I LOVE baby pictures in black and white.  To me it shows the simpleness and beauty of a newborn.  This darling little girl was such a sweetheart.  She was so patient and just took the whole experience in.  We wore her out though, and the poor little thing was so tired by the end!  I love doing newborn sessions.  It brings back so many memories of a year ago when I was blessed to have a newborn in my home.  There is the most tender, heavenly spirit to these little ones, and it truly is a sacred privilege to be in their presence!